Personal Narrative: Dealing With The Death Of Amreil Watson

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One of the greatest challenges that I have had to overcome is dealing with the death of my best friend, Amreil Watson. It was junior year, April 27, 2015. Amreil and I were close and did almost everything together. We hung out every day, at school, after school, and even on the weekends. On April 27, I received a phone call from one of Amreils’ basketball teammates saying that he had passed out on the court and was being taken to the hospital at that very moment. I knew that no one could make such harsh, cruel jokes, but I still kept asking if it was really true. Later that day, my best friend passed away and I couldn’t feel anything but numbness. Days passed and I still felt so much pain that I fell into a horrible depression. It was hard for me to adapt to not seeing his face every day, and to find the motivation that I needed to go to school, and even just leave my room.…show more content…
Although my family offered support all throughout the days of my depression, I could never seem to accept it, because I could only hear Amreil. Moving past the depression stage was difficult, but soon I was able to let my family and friends comfort me. I opened up to them and they made it clear that they would all be by my side no matter what. Today, I deal with this life challenge by keeping Amreil nearby, in my heart. He still visits me in my dreams and assures me that he is doing just fine. I keep all of our memories in my heart as well, so that I am reminded that my best friend is and forever will be with
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