Personal Narrative: Diabetes

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I grew up with an older brother and sister. My sister is the oldest and she also has type one diabetes, diabetes is a life threating disease where your kidneys do not produce enough insulin. For the most part I could get through the day without my sister having a problem. But other days her blood sugar levels would get too low and when the happened she would start seizing up and sometimes we wouldn’t know but we would hear her hit the floor and when we heard the we rushed into action. We would put something into her mouth to prevent her from biting off her tongue and then we would dump tomato juice into her mouth and usually that would work, but sometimes it didn’t. And when that was the case there was a special shot we had for he that would …show more content…

With that being said we had the upmost concern for her when she got any sort of cut. This one time she got a small cut on her foot and before we knew it it was infected and it just kept getting worse. Later that day we took her to the hospital and soon after being admitted they took her to the intensive care unit because the infection was spreading due to her weak immune system which is caused by diabetes. She had to spend almost a week in the intensive care unit at the hospital before she was able to get released. That was a very hard time for me because every second of the day my mind was on her and how she was doing. And it stated to affect my school work because I could not focus on the task at …show more content…

It caused a lot of family problems because my mom would always yell at my sister when she wouldn’t check her blood sugar levels not because my mom was mad it was because she knows what could happen if she let her blood sugar levels get too low. I was constantly worrying about how she was doing. Because at the young age she was at she was irresponsible and it cause a sense on uneasiness among the family and I. At one point my sister had to wear a pump which automatically injected her with insulin. But the down side to that was she had a small tube hanging from her stomach that went to a small device that looked like a pager. Kids would make fun of her and ask a lot of questions and it made her self-conscious about herself and wondered what people would think of her. She had life hard from a very young age but that taught me a lot. It made me become more responsible because I had to watch over my sister. But I wouldn’t change one thing about the past, because with all the things I had to go through it made me into the man I am

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