Personal Narrative Essay : A Day On A Night's Life

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“Bye Alex, be safe, we’ll see you in one day.” Mom said. We were spending Christmas with my sister this year at her apartment in California. I was leaving on a plane today and my parents were leaving tomorrow. We couldn’t get three seats on a plane at the same time. I always loved seeing my sister and her apartment it was always so nice there. I got on the plane and I found my seat right away I was in the middle of a three seater with two young girls on either side of me. They were both sleeping and I thought I liked my seat, but it dawned on me that two six year old girls aren't going to be polite, nice kids. I guess I’ll find out when they wake up. I fell asleep within the hour and I slept until the end of the flight. Luckily I never found out what those girls were like. I exited the plane as I felt the warm air of California enter the airport. I saw my sister right there waiting for me and I ran up and gave her a big hug. My sister's name was Olivia and she wore her dark red Stanford sweatshirt with black sweatpants. “Come on lazybones, let's get to the apartment before traffic gets really bad.” She said excitedly. When we got to her apartment after about half an hour of traffic I saw that Christmas decorations filled almost every space of the apartment. It looked like santa's workshop with the all the garland and lights, and best of all the tree looked like a Christmas bomb went off inside it. Just then I noticed some guy sitting at the square counter drinking what

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