The Death Of The Car

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We were in the car singing as loud as we could with the music. the phone rang and my mom picked up you could hear the worry in her voice. Me and my sisters didn’t know what was going on but we knew it was bad. the car was silent. my sisters and i wanted to know what was going on. the silence was broken up by a horn that was followed by phone signal to my mom. once she was off the phone the car was silent again. my mom explained what happened. I heard that my dad was in the hospital. I tuned everything out, just like in the movies i couldn’t hear anything i was focused on the one sentence “your father is headed to the hospital.” I was told not to worry but I did.
My mom left us with her friend, then with my aunt. We were shuttled
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Grace and Elizabeth’s hands shot up. Me and Katherine gave each other the same look, the if I stay will you stay with me look. I spoke up “If I stay home will I get to see my dad” my aunt molly answered “of course”
“then I want to stay home” “me too” katherine said timidly. My Aunt picked up my two sisters and they left to go pack. The people who stayed back took a well deserved lunch break which turned into a dessert break and a game break. It was a beautiful day and everything was starting to feel okay. Then I saw my aunt’s car come back up the long twisty driveway. I quickly went into panic mode. my head filled with questions: why are they back, are they going to leave, what happened. my aunt and grandma stepped out of the car and they were followed by my two sisters.
They quickly said “we should let their mom tell them” and they left. I thought the worst. the same thought kept coming up in my head no matter how many times I tried to ignore it. My dad is dead. I tried to think of a better reason but that is all I could think of. Everyone knew what happened but us. we were kept busy until my mom showed up.
When she finally got there we were all gathered up into a small living room with a couch and two chairs. The room had a strong smell of cigars that almost made you want to breathe out of your mouth. Almost everyone tried to cram onto the couch well the rest of my family tried to
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