Personal Narrative Essay : Growing Up In My Family

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Growing up was awesome in my household even though my family and I would do extravagant activities. I was automatically a American citizen when I was born because my father is retired from the US Navy. When I was about three years old, we all moved to the United States of American. The first state that we lived was San Diego, California. We spent almost fours year in California before moving to La Porte, Indiana. It was easier for me to adapt and make friends in California because a lot of the people in that state are diverse in ethnicity. Also the Filipinos has a high living population in California, especially in San Diego. Most of my friends when I lived in California were my classmates in Mason Elementary School. It was not rare for me to find Filipinos in San Diego but, when I moved to Indiana it felt like a surprise when I encounter a Filipino here in Indiana. The only real friend that I had in California were my cousins. We would always come to each others homes every day. Most of the times we were together we would spend most of the time playing outdoor activities. One of our favorite outdoor activity is playing basketball or baseball. Once my family and I moved to Indiana, I had a hard time making friends because it felt like I was always the odd one out in school. Every year I would usually be the only Asian kid in the classroom which made somewhat awkward and very quiet. On my second year of school here in Indiana I met someone who is

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