Personal Narrative Essay : Moving Back For The Home Of My Family

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About ten years ago my family decided to move. It was a heartbreaking decision for the whole family but it was for the best. My family including, my brother, who was just turning one years old, my mom, dad, our dog Milo, and I. It was a hot, humid summer day and we were putting everything that we own into the moving van and the car. My mom mostly held me as my dad was packing up our belongings. Everything to me at that time was very quick and it was a big blur. At age three, I didn’t remember much at that time but I do remember most things. My feelings were one of the things I remember the most. I felt bewildered, I liked our house and I wanted to stay here. It was the best for the family though because it meant that we would be closer to my grandparents. As we were packing up the moving van in one of the boxes a tennis ball rolled out onto the road. My dog, Milo, ran out onto the road to go get the ball and a car came by and he got hit. The car slammed on its breaks and a women got out of the car, “ Oh my gosh! I just hit your dog!” She exclaimed. My dad was the first one to get to Milo he scooped him up and carried our limp dog onto the grass. The lady that hit him kept repeating over and over “ Oh my gosh I am so sorry! Is there anything that I can do?”
“ No it’s alright it's our dog and we should have been watching him more carefully.” My mom said curtly.
“Here how about I call the vet.” She said digging in her purse for her phone.
“That would be great.” My dad said

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