Personal Narrative Essay : My First Car Accident

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If I’m honest here, I hardly remember my first car accident, but I can tell what parts I do remember. It was last September, my step-brother, Jerrick, was driving us and his friend home from school. I was on my phone, listening to music just ready to go home and most likely take a nap. I suppose how the story goes is that Jerrick was following the car in front of us at the intersection as they were turning. When we followed the light had apparently turned red thus the man in the other car hitting us. However, everyone says the guy that hit us was drunk, as apparently, he reeked of alcohol and he was speeding because if the light had just turned green, he couldn’t have been going fast enough to hit us at a speed that made the entire passenger side bend inward on itself.

I remember dropping my phone and looking up when I heard Jerrick’s friend yell “Oh—!” Do you know how people say everything happens in slow motion when you’re in a car accident? I can confirm that. Everything just went 10x slower. It was like someone had put the slow-motion feature on me. It didn’t even feel real. I remember everything going fuzzy, the entire world turned into a bright blur of colors. My head was spinning and as we were hit I felt myself hit something, which may have caused the dizziness. I was really confused in the minutes following. I didn’t know what happened until I heard my step-brother say, “Get out of the car!” I think I heard myself say “I’m trying, I can’t...” but it didn’t sound

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