Personal Narrative Essay : The Last Day Of School

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I was on the bed sleeping longer than usual, then BANG! Darry slaps me right in the back and shouts at me to get ready for school, I am not surprised he is mad because since Johnny died a few years ago, I have not been doing well in school since then. As I get up with a big red mark on my back that was shaped like a hand. I am a senior in high school this year I will do the best I can. As I walk to school in the cold and shiver weather my eyelashes felt like snowflakes and my body felt like frozen glass but all the sudden this night blue truck came by and man in the truck offered me a ride and I responded with a yes as my teeth chattered like a broken windup toy. The man took me to school. As I walked in, it felt like the time I jumped into the burning church. It was the last day of school I felt butterflies in my stomach and I was glad it was over. Darry was proud of me as well and threw me a party with all the greasers and we had a good time. A few months later I went to Tulsa University while my brother Soda opened up his own gas station and called it Curtis Gas. When I have time I lock the door in my dorm room, I shut the lights take out a flashlight and start reading Gone with the Wind out loud, but I will never read past that page that I left off with Johnny. I posted the words Stay Gold on a poster above my bed to remind me of Johnny. One day I returned home and asked what was going on and Darry and Soda were not there and it was just Two Bit watching TV. The place

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