Personal Narrative Essay : Who Am I?

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Who am I

While growing up, I saw horses, mud pies, and dirty nails. I heard laughter, but also sadness and yelling. I held more than my mom and dad’s hand. I held all the small amphibians that I searched so hard for, the dirt that I played cars in, and I held bugs with love. Growing up was much more than making friends, or being popular. It was never about when or how I would get someone to find enough spark in me, to call me their person. Friendship, was the bond I had with every new horse my mom would buy. It was the amount of trust I had with animals, even after they hurt or scared me.

Pain, pain has shaped me into who I am mentally. No one will be human until they feel pain rush through them, through their brain, and body. Pain feels different in all cases, if your loved one goes away it’s the kind of pain that keeps you up at night. When you have someone in your life, they become your person, the person who holds you when you can’t hold yourself together, they hold your secrets, your mistakes and they hold your love. I am afraid to lose my parents, they have been here since the start, they first held me, kissed me, and put me to bed. Losing someone that you love, makes you lose yourself, until you find yourself again.

One thing that has made me who I am, is hiking. Some people go hiking to exercise, some do it to just hike and some people go because it makes them feel, or stop feeling. Hiking is my get away, it is the thing I will always enjoy. When I enter the

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