Personal Narrative: Far Sixth Grade

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v So, far sixth grade has been quite interesting for me. First, I will tell you about my personality. Next, I will tell you special learning traits I have. Last, I will tell you my goals for sixth grade. You are going to know a lot about me when you are done reading my essay. Let me introduce myself. I have been doing dance for nine years now with Dance Conservatory of Denver (a.k.a. DcD. So you will see a jacket that I will wear periodically that says, “DcD Dancer”). I have also been doing piano for six years now. I have one brother named Gavin and he is in fourth grade and he goes to Hunters Glen Elementary School. My parents grew up in Iowa so my favorite college team is Iowa State Cyclones. I love the Broncos as well. I sang the National …show more content…

It is well-balanced because I have dance and piano every week so that means I have to juggle school work, piano, and dance. My learning style is visual. I like visual because it helps me learn if I can see what we are learning rather than listening to what we are learning. My maps scores are (reading) two hundred ten and my other score is (language usage)two hundred twelve. These scores tell me that I am pretty good at reading and writing.

My two goals for this year are one,to get more serious about my homework. Two, to pay attention more than elementary. I want to get more serious about my homework because last year I didn’t always turn in my homework all the time. I will achieve this goal by making sure I have my homework in my bag in the morning. I also want to pay more attention in school because in elementary, I didn’t always pay attention like I do now. I will achieve this goal by always watching the teacher when they are telling us what we will be doing and I won’t do my own thing when they are talking. These are the goals that I want to try to achieve while I am in middle school. Yes, all they way through eighth grade!

In conclusion, I told you my special personality, my personal trait, and my two goals for middle school. Now that you have read this, you will know almost everything about me, my goals, and my personal trait. I hope this tells you everything you need to know about

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