Personal Narrative: Growing Up To Grow Up

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The mind of a six year old is full of curiosity, adventure, and ignorance; once that child grows up and matures into an adult, this mindset is then replaced with reason, logic, and routine I grew up to be the person I am today because of what my family has taught me, but also because of the events and experiences that have transpired throughout my life. I, as a child, did not did not grow up in an unhealthy environment. In fact, I was thankfully raised in an apt household which,painless, worry free, and loaded with family and friends that were constantly able to catch me before I fell. But like any family, there are ups and downs. Our family has had high ups and low downs, but that never changed our family. One event however, did shake the…show more content…
I always got into trouble because I had no regard for the rules and regulations that my parents' had put in place for me. I knew why these rules were in place, my parents wanted me to grow up to be a kind hearted adult, yet I was small, and found rule breaking exiting every now and again. My elder sister Abbey and I also had gotten ourselves into quite a few predicaments. We would learn our lesson not to break the rules again by a slap of the hand by our parents: It was a custom in our house and how we grew up. . When I was young, spankings sounded like being badly injured, I once told myself that “I would rather go to hell than get spanked” of course, when I was little I did not understand the concept of hell, therefore the threat of a spanking intimidated Addam and I for a few moments, then we went back to being our rebellious, rambunctious selves. By the time we would get home, my mother would be waiting with dinner all ready and set on the table, and my father stormed into the house,…show more content…
My mother Addam and Meredith went to the courthouse to explain what happened and to say that my father never beat his children. Soon, after they came back, my mother called a “family meeting,” we all gathered in the living room, my mother was smiling from ear to ear. She said “tomorrow night daddy is coming home to stay” I was not 100% sure what it meant, but I knew it was good news so I started laughing, some of my family was crying and laughing, it was just a happy time for all of us. The next night my dad came home with the biggest smile on his face and when he came into my room to kiss me goodnight and tuck me in, he whispered into my ear “Lauren, I heard you loved me(joking because we always joke around wondering if we actually love each other)” I turned around smiling,said “Dad of course I don't love you” we both smiled and he gave me a big hug, kissed me goodnight and tucked me
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