Personal Narrative: I Am A Chemist

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My story was in the news. Have you ever had something that happened to you or yourself on live news? Well I'm a chemist, but my brother will tell you differently. My brother says that I just like to mess around and that chemist discover stuff and I ruin stuff. I don't let what he says put me down and I always keep trying.

One day I was putting together different ingredients and made a growing potion. The mixture made you grow taller. About a week or so after that I had a professional chemist come in and see if it was really real. This chemists name was John. John would look at your inventions and if you made lots of good inventions then sometimes he would hire you and you would have a good paying job.

John came and saw my growing invention that I had titled "The Grower". John was very impressed and had asked me about my other inventions when I had to come coward and tell him that in all of the years that I had worked I had never really made anything. He said that he would give me a month and would be back. If I made something else that was useful, then, depending on what it was, he would consider hiring me.
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I had to be ready. I first started off by deeply cleansing all of my beakers. I wanted to make sure all of the previous chemicals were cleaned out so that I wouldn't mix any two chemicals that I didn't want mixed. Then I told my family to come over to my house for dinner so I could tell them my exciting news.

I spent a while that day cooking to be prepared for dinner. Once my family got there I quickly told them what happened. My mom and dad were so proud of me, nut then there was my usual brother. He said that I wasn't going to make something in the months time, but I knew that he was messing with me by the tone in his voice. My parents were so proud and they knew I could do this.

The next day I was in my lab working on the new chemical. While I was working my brother had stopped by and distracted me when I did something wrong, but turned out being good. I was measuring out each chemical and writing it down as I used it. Then my brother was talking and being distracting by messing with my things and I grabbed the wrong chemical and added it into the
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