Personal Narrative: I Am From Miracle Gro, And Am

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I am from a Vernalagnia , from Miracle Gro ,and Ammoniacal Nitrogen. I am from the Wind City . I am from the CAMELLIA (WHITE) , the dirt that lays untouched . I am from Sunday Dinners and Light Brown eyes from Charlene and Matthew and Mayo I am from the forgetting to turn the lights off and never getting that last thing on the to-do list done From Stop leave that alone and eat all of your food . I am from thou shalt fear not , for I am with you. I will not fear. I'm from Chicago and old jewelry , Macaroni and cheese and Greens From the three steps that my brothers fell from and I climbed up , the car that my sister crashed twice and the new car that I crashed I am from bar where Grandma keeps the pictures, and certificates..

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