Personal Narrative: I Quit My Job

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After years of being unhappy, not following my heart and the thought of failure lurking in the back of my mind I decided to take a chance. I decided to quit my stable, decent paying job of 3 ½ years with Coborn's at their dry cleaning plant Tops Cleaners, to finally pursue school. I wanted to not only better myself, but to get a better job to support my family and in the end spend more time with my girls. Walking into work on December 17th, 2015 I was nervous and extremely sad. My heart was beating extra fast, my mouth kept drying out, and trying to concentrate on anything was impossible. You see, these 15 other ladies I worked with were pretty much my second family. I was with them more than my own family most of the time. Just thinking about …show more content…

She gave me a few sheets of information explaining that I needed to set up my Accuplacer test before I could move on with the process of going to school. As soon as I got home, I grabbed my laptop to find out more about this Accuplacer test. It was a test that would test my knowledge in math, reading, and writing. Based on my scores would depend on what classes I could take. I looked over the sheets of information I had receieved at the school and signed up for the next available date to take the Accuplacer, May 10th. The week went by faster than normal to me because I was so nervous. I was up earlier than usual that morning getting ready for this big day. I dropped my girls off at daycare extra early so I could get to SCTCC early. Reaching SCTCC, I went inside and saw the same older lady at the information desk. I asked her about parking permits as she handed me a bright orange one to hang in my van on my rearview mirror. Making my way back into the school, I walked down a long hall of shiny tile to reach a big long bench with a lot of others waiting to take the …show more content…

I was nervous walking back into the school that day, I still couldn't believe I made it this far without running away or hiding. I walked into SCTCC to sign in for orientation, still undecided on my major. After the main orientation was done everybody was split into groups by categories/majors. I got to work with an awesome advisor named Tiffany. She was about my height 5'4, had long brown hair that fell past her shoulders, blue eyes and a baby bump just like me! She was very knowledge and gave me a lot of information. After getting help with registering for my reading and writing class, I thanked her for all her

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