Personal Narrative: Improving My Academic Skills

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This semester I have improved so much in my academic skills. The one area where I improved the most was note taking. In high school, I would copy word for word what was on the slides, and nothing the teacher would say. In college, I no longer copy every word, however, just rephrase it and write more of what the professor says during the slides. I do not think I improved my organization because I am already a really organized person. I still do not like to study as much as I should be, so my study strategies have not improved this semester. What frustrated me the most this semester was not studying as much as I should, and putting work off to the side. What I want to start doing is going to the library where it is much more quiet than my room, and I can just focus on my classes rather …show more content…

I did not know how to calculate my GPA before this and it was really helpful to see where I was at midterms. I think every undecided student should be required to go to Majors in Minutes. This was so helpful in trying to figure out what I wanted to major in. After this I really felt like I found what I wanted to major in. The one section I think that should be taken out is the Campus Resource section. This section did not help me that much. I think you should replace this section with a topic related to the different areas in Gilchrist. My advice to incoming freshman would be use your time wisely. Time goes by quicker in college than it did in high school, and if you wait till the last minute to get a paper or study you will not have enough time to get it done. Take advantages of the different place on campus. The library, Maucker Union, and hallway lounges are good places to get work completed. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions. Even if it is to ask where a building is at. The professors will not know if you do not understand unless you ask

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