Personal Narrative: Is It Worth The Best Place To Win?

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Bang! The gun had gone off. My feet pounded forward on the track taking care not to hit any of the thirty-two other feet that were all competing for the same spot—first. I pushed hard out of the starting line so that I didn't get boxed in and then fought my way through the first hundred meters to earn my place amongst the other runners. As I tried to settle into my pace I begin to feel the need for more air so my breath became hastened in an attempt to satisfy my need for oxygen. When I came upon the two hundred meter mark I was in fifth. However, I needed to place at least third for my team to win. Luckily, the runners that were in third and fourth at that time were so close that I could have grabbed both of their jerseys. I expedited my pace so that the distance between myself and the runners that were battling it out for third and fourth decreased. Eventually I caught up to the two runners when I crossed the four hundred meter mark where one of the race officials barked my time at me. To my dismay my time was five seconds behind where it should have by that point in the race. Conversely, when I segued into the second lap I sped up to account for the ten second deficit on my time. Almost instantly when I did this my…show more content…
It wasn't for another twenty-five meters that I saw the second place runner break stride, which I knew was my chance to move up because it meant that he had tired himself out. Upon reaching the six hundred meter mark I hastened my pace to my finishing pace—I normally reserved this pace for the last fifty to one hundred meters because I can't hold that pace for more than a matter of seconds. Fortuitously, I caught the runner that was in second place by the seven hundred meter mark where I was forced to maintain my suicide pace of sorts that I had started one hundred meters too
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