Personal Narrative: Lena's Home

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Lena jerked up when she heard the front door to the apartment open and close. She hastily shut the journal she had found in the bookcase and hid it behind a row of books. While her leg was handcuffed to the bedpost, Dylan had the bed close enough so that she could reach the bookcase so she wouldn't be bored while he was gone. Thankfully, on the other side of the bed, there was a nightstand where Lena found a pen in one of the drawers. The night before, Dylan had taken her to his apartment instead of their original destination, Lena's home. What Lena hadn't known prior was just how obsessed the boy she met online was with her and how devastated he had been when he found out she planned on moving back to Moscow in a few weeks. The day before he took her, Lena told him over the phone that this meeting would be their last, yet Dylan had other plans in store. He wouldn't lose her. “There's no way I'm gonna lose the only thing that means anything to me,” Dylan thought to himself as he set his plan into motion. Earlier that morning, Dylan came into the room he had set up for her with breakfast. Dylan decided the only way he could really guarantee she wouldn't attempt an escape would be to handcuff her to the bed, however; he wanted to start the new day off well with the redhead. During the night, he chose not to tie her up to the bed or anything, not wanting his girl to be uncomfortable.…show more content…
Her mind darkened as she imagined Dylan snapping one day and taking his anger out on her. She quickly lost herself in writing down what landed her in the situation and remembered all the times she had with Dylan before he took her. More than anything, she wished she could take it all back. She resented nothing more than her
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