Personal Narrative: Let Polly Down

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As my boyfriend and I rushed to the vet on a cool seventy degree May night in two thousand twelve we knew the news that we were going to find out from the vet was not going to be good news. Our eyes were puffed as tears of sadness rolled down our faces. We knew this was going to be the day we had to say good bye to our fur baby Polly. She was the best dog ever and we were faced with a rough decision. Was Jimmy and I to put Polly down or were we to let her stay and go on her own. Polly was a thirteen year old boxer. Around February of two thousand and twelve Jimmy had gotten up for work and went to let Polly out that morning. She could not get up on her own. Jimmy immediately called me on the phone to tell me what was going on, I told …show more content…

I hollered at Polly to come back in the house and there she continued to lay. I finally went to the back of the yard and petting her saying come on Polly lets go back in the house. She could not get up on her own again so I lifted her to her feet and there she stumbled her way back up to the house. When Jimmy got home from work I told him I think it was time to let Polly go. Polly was in so much pain and I felt so bad. It was not fair for Polly to suffer just because we were not ready for Polly to go. Jimmy agreed. On our way to the vet Jimmy and I were both bawling. When we walked into the vet’s office the vet explained how the procedure would work. First the vet would give Polly a shot that would put Polly into a deep sleep, then they would give her another shot that would stop her heart. As the vet gave Polly the first shot Polly fell into a deep sleep. Polly at that point started snoring Jimmy and I both kind of grinned a little at how loud she was snoring. We said our good buys and gave Polly kisses. Jimmy said “ are you going to stay in here while they give her the second shot.” I said “no its already hard enough.” He understood and we both left. Jimmy and I both loved Polly very much. We had to make a very hard decision that day. One that I never want to make again. Polly is now buried in my garden and Jimmy and I bought a head stone for her. We think of her every day. It was hard losing the best dog

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