What Would I Be Doing Now If I Tried Out?

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Every spring I look forward to the freshly cut grass, the smoothly raked field, and most importantly squatting ready for the endless pitches. However, I always take a moment to look back and wonder, what would I be doing now if I hadn’t tried out?
Going back almost three years ago, I was just another freshman girl hoping that I could make the team. I saw the other girls who were clearly more athletic: strong and muscular arms, toned legs, and not to mention their perfectly tan bodies makes it obvious they played sports. Then, looking at myself, I got a queasy feeling because I was not in excellent shape like them. I was pale, had jiggling arms and legs, and was far from muscular. However, I pushed myself during tryout week and every day I came home drenched …show more content…

On that Friday the list was posted and I scampered over to see if I had made it. “I made the team!” I remember squealing to my mom when I called her. While practicing everyday I would cowardly stand waiting for the ball to come to me. I remember towards the end of the season during a practice the coach had pulled me aside and at that moment I thought to myself “Is today the day I get cut because I haven’t improved enough?” I kept my head up and walked over towards him. He began talking and I remember him saying, “I can tell you have the potential, but you are still terrified of the ball.” My heart sank further when he said that because the thought of removal, and seconds later I could feel the tears building up, like an emotional tornado taking over. The next words to come out of the coach were, “However, I have a great way to demolish your fear if you wish to try.” That made me the person I am today. Of course I knew the exhilarating smile on my face answered his question. He told me to put on the malodorous catching gear and get in a “catcher position”, so I did and he told me not to put my glove up. As my legs wobble

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