Personal Narrative Memories : A Phenomenon That Occur Directly From The Discovery Of A Shocking Event Essay

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Flashbulb memories are a phenomenon that occur directly from the discovery of a shocking event. People who witness tend to report that they remember very clear details about the situation surrounding the event such as, the place they were at the time and what they where doing.
Some experiences are unique and distinctive such as 9/11 and this kind of an event has been considered to be a main contributor to the accuracy of flashbulb memories (Brewer, 1988). The study states that people who where close to the building on 9/11 had more vivid memories than those who where in different parts of the city that day showing that there is a sense of personal involvement that may be important in engaging the amygdala when recalling the 9/11 event. Results have been found in studies regarding distinctiveness and flashbulb memories specifically for terrorist attacks showing high correlation between personal importance, novelty and emotionally. If a person had an experience during A significant event then their memory accuracy recall will increase (Edery-Halpern & Nachson, 2004).
A study conducted by (2006) on the 9/11 terrorist attacks linked that proximity played a fundamental part on how accurate the recollection a flashbulb memory is. the study took place three years after the event and participants where asked to recall memories from that day on 9/11. They recalled that some were in down town Manhattan close to the world trade centre while others where a few miles away.

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