Personal Narrative-Michael Jordan And I

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Michael Jordan and I

Have you ever met a special person ,that is famous? Well I did. One day I was watching tv and someone knocked on the door, I answered it. I noticed the tallness from a basketball player then I noticed it was Michael jordan. He is a famous basketball player.He started talking to me. "Would you parents let me take you to "Chicago" for a prize from "Kids Choice Sports?","he said "I will ask my parent's right now". "They said for how much time i'm going to be gone out of the house." "We are going to be out of the house for one day." "I will go tell my parents right now"." They said if i'm gone longer than a day to text them why."

Morning: In the morning I packed up to get ready. He knocked at …show more content…

We reserved a master hotel room. We noticed there was a kitchen that's an island. There is a mini refrigerator,stove,microwave,plates,bowls,forks,spoons, butter knives,and cups. In the living room there was a black slim sofa,flat screen tv,and Glacier white PS4, also with Glacier white controllers. There was a note in the living room table it says. The PS4 is for free we have a lot of them they are very new. Next, was two rooms one for Michael,and for me. There was a bed with a pillow,sheets,and blankets. There is a closet,flat screen tv,and a bathroom.Afterward we looked around the building and we decided to play video …show more content…

When we got there and we went inside it was humongous. He started to put his bag and his stuff down on the seat, I put my bag close to his so I won't lose it. He started to teach me some tricks,hoops,and moves. When I tried a slam dunk it hit the rim and I was hanging on the rim too,then I slipped and landed feet first. I noticed that I broke my leg because it felt like it was burning and being cooked by a fire from strangers. Michael Jordan called 911,they came very fast. When we got to our room they took me to a ct scan to see if I broke my leg, I did but they said there would be a medicine to help heal it in 40min. I needed to drink the medicine and then put a cast on it so I don't move it. After the 40 minutes were done they took the cast off. I felt relieved from all the pain and the itchiness of the cast that I had to wear. They said next time you break your leg just take this type of medicine, it was called "Fracture fixer". They let me keep the bottle of medicine in case I need it again.

Night: We went to the hotel and packed up to get ready to leave in the morning when we wake up.Then we went to the kitchen and made ourselves a peanut butter jelly sandwich. The bread was toasted very crispy. After that I made myself a buttered bread. I put my bread to toast for one minute. I grabbed the jar of butter, got a butter knife,and went to go get a glass of milk. By the time I got my stuff ready the timer was done. First

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