Personal Narrative: Moving Back Home

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I am so thankful for my parents always giving me food on my plate, clothing on my body, and a roof over my head. I appreciate them two so much even though I barely say it because I’m not really an emotional guy. Around twenty years ago, both of them came to America illegally seeking a better life and hoping to earn enough money to send back home. They both met each other 18 years ago, in America, and I don’t know how because they won’t tell me. I do know that my oldest sister isn’t my dad’s biological daughter, and they have tried to keep it a secret from me but I found out years ago. Moving on, my mom gave birth to their first child together in the year 2000, around a year after they met. In 2002, my mom gave birth to me and I am the only…show more content…
The two of them had very little money, not even enough to buy a dining table or furniture. There was no car so they had to do a lot of walking. They couldn’t afford a mattress for both of them to sleep on and a woman living in the same apartment complex gave them a small mattress to sleep in. Neither of them gave up and continued to work hard to earn money even though it’s hard earning money when you’re an illegal immigrant. Around the time I was born, we finally moved into a house that was big enough for the family. It had everything we needed because we were more financially…show more content…
There have been moments where we had very little money and other times where we lived in fear. I fear everyday that we are going to be separated. I never want to live the day where my parents are taken away by immigration agents and they are sent back to their home country. I am so thankful for them and they’ve done so much for us. They are so hard-working and have always made sure that we had what we wished for. I know that it hasn’t been easy for them but it has made me see them as my role models. In my opinion, they are the best and I couldn’t ask for any better parents. Over the past couple of months, I have been scared that one day there is a knock on the door or that they are pulled over, and they are taken away. I never know when it is going to be the last day that we are together, and I fear it everyday. I have never told them that I’m scared to lose them because they barely talk about it as well. I have always wanted the opportunity to have a conversation with them about what they went through and how hard it was for them on that
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