Personal Narrative: Moving To The Center Of Earth

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We had to a drill big and strong enough to get to the center of Earth. Also, suit that would keep me cool. Then I was off to the center of earth. I saw basalt and granite in the crust. It was very hot in the crust. When i hit the mantle, it cooled off a little bit. It felt like it took about a year but it only took about a month or two to get out of the lithosphere. Then i hit the asthenosphere and it took about two to three months to get out of the asthenosphere.Then i got to the outer core which is liquid. So i cut of my engine so it wouldn’t waste the gas and started to sink. It was getting a little colder the lower i got. It only took about five hours playing the xbox i put in the drill and then when i reached the inner core, i turned it

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