Personal Narrative : My American Experience

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My American Experience Growing up in Ghana, I had heard a lot of things about the U.S. This was a country I had always wanted to visit; my prayer was answered when I got the opportunity to travel there. Arriving in a new environment came with many experiences. Adjusting with food, language and the weather was not easy. With the passage of time, however I have been able to0 adjust and fit it. This write-up therefore is to elaborate on my experiences since coming to U.S. I had many interesting experiences arriving to the U.S. The most interesting experience I had was with the food. I remember getting picked up from the airport by my parents and taken straight home. It was in the winter, they ended up getting stuck at work due to the blizzard. There was McDonald’s close to my house so I decided to buy something since I was starving to death. When I got there I couldn’t order anything, there were menus all over the place. I left there after 15 minutes because I didn’t know what kind of food it was and it scared me. My parents were able to come home the next day and they took me to Golden Corral but I still couldn’t eat. I was not used to the food and didn’t like the smell and taste of it. The sizes of the food were in larger potions which fed three to five people. The combination of their food was very ridiculous. I tried their soup and it was tasteless there was no spice. After some time, I became used to their food and now I eat more than they do. There is no harm in
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