From the Shores of the Azov Sea to the Rocky Mountains in 100 Years

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Being 17 year old out of high school I had no idea what to do with my life and what expect from this country. Nevertheless, I expected more opportunities and chances for success here than from my motherland.
90’s was a pretty tough period of time in Russia. After disbandment of the Soviet Union in the December of 1991, young democracy named Russian Federation was standing at the threshold of difficult future with hard and serious challenges. Country lacked the economic, political and military power of the former “Empire”. Economy was in depression, all the savings that people had in the Soviet bank system lost their value, overnight. If you had 1000 rubles on your savings (back then it was approximately equal to 4000-5000 US dollars) you would of been lucky if you were able to return 10% of that sum from the government, since the Bank system in USSR was nationalized and new government simply didn’t had any money to reimburse the investors or even pay the salaries. A lot of once successful people - doctors, teachers, military officers, and scientists ended up below the poverty line. And the only option was left for them is either to stay and face the consequences or immigrate to the country where their knowledge would be respected and appreciated. Hence the post-Soviet immigration wave, also known as the “brain drain”, has…

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