Personal Narrative : My Best Friend Emily

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RING! Everyone pushed and shoved, trying to get out of the classroom through the tiny little doorway. Finally, I had managed to get out and go to my locker.
“Maddie,” called my best friend Emily as she came running up to my locker.
“Guess what? I got an A on my science test” Emily is super smart and she always gets good grades in school so I wasn’t surprised. “What is this, like A number 700,” I said sarcastically. We both laughed. “Hurry up, I want to get to lunch, I’m starving,” Emily said. I grabbed my books for my class after lunch, and we headed down to the cafeteria. On our way to the cafeteria, I saw a freshman just like me getting pushed around by one of the seniors. I couldn 't tell who the senior was, but I recognized the freshman. She had straight blonde hair with big blue eyes and tan skin. She had been in a few of my classes. I wanted to step in and help her, but I just couldn’t, I was to scared. So all I did was stand there watching, wishing that I had the courage to go and help her. The bell rang and we were late to lunch. Emily and I ran to the cafeteria and sat down at our usual table. For the rest of the day, all I could think about was what I saw and how guilty I felt that I didn’t do anything. I sat on my bed and did my homework waiting for my mom to get home so she could help me. My mom always knew what to do, she was great with things like this and giving advice. A few years back I was switching from catholic to public school. Plus I was

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