Personal Narrative: My Dietary Analysis

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For my dietary analysis I choose to document two days early on in the semester as it was a time that I was in the process of trying to gain weight, so I though it would be interesting to see exactly what I was consuming. When it comes to my intake and DRI goals, a lot of them were over, which I expected as I was eating quite a bit. My calorie goal was 2200 calories and both days I went well over, actually almost doubling. Thankfully my cholesterol target was < 300 mg daily and sodium should be < 2400 mg daily. As I stated above, I went over in my DRI goal for sodium both days, and I also went over the AHA daily recommendation. As for cholesterol, I stayed well under. The number of servings I consumed compared to the My Plate recommendations were obviously over considering my caloric intake was well over each day. I think the recommendations are pretty on point with what one should consume daily however for someone who doesn't consumer daily regularly I wish there were alternative options for different kinds of diets and food allergies that the Food Guide Pyramid recommended. I am just using an actual Pyramid Guide as reference as I honestly cannot recall a specific video or reading for this…show more content…
I moved from Los Angeles to Houston to move back in with my Mom and go back to school. I had a decent job, amazing friends, and was generally the happiest I’ve ever been while living in LA, but I knew I wanted to go back to school, and this was the best way to afford it. The move quickly swept me into a depression, from which I am still suffering, and have absolute no interest in food. I lost about 17 lbs and have gained 6 of it back. I have gone through having to lose weight before and I can honestly say that gaining is so much harder and so much worse. Having to push your body to consume more than it should is extremely
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