Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Southwest Christian Church

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This past month I got the opportunity to attend church with my friend Norbentina who is originally from Honduras. She attends Southwest Christian Church which is an all speaking Spanish congregation. I accompanied Norbentina to a Sunday morning service and as you can imagine it was quite different than what I’m usually use to. The first thing that was significantly different was how everyone greeted each other. Each person whose hand I shook said this phrase in Spanish “Dios te bendiga”. When my friend Norbentina was greeted with this phrase she would reply “amen”. I asked Norbentina what was the meaning of this phrase that everyone greeted each other with and she said that they are saying God bless you and in their culture you respond with an amen. I found this to be particularly cool because I have never gone to a church were the entire congregation asked God to …show more content…

Now I attend a church of Christ and we do not use musical instruments during our worship so going to a church were they did and then it being in Spanish it was super different. To me since I do not speak much of the language the songs all sounded similar and very rapid. Some of the songs I was able to pick up on because they did sound close to the English version but they were all sung faster. I really enjoyed getting to listen to a different culture sing to our God. Then the sermon started and let me just say it lasted quite a long time. Most congregations I have visited, which have been many, the preacher is very within his thirty to forty-five minute time frame; I cannot say the same for this preacher. Now, most sermons can seem long when there in your own language but when they are not and you don’t understand anything that is being said they seem to drag on for hours. This sermon actually did that. The preacher preached for close to two hours and to my surprise everyone stayed awake and very active with their “amens” and

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