Personal Narrative: My Family's Divorce

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Graduating high school is supposed to be the time in your life when you start to get everything together. I’d like to think that I’ve had enough examples in my life to learn from. But, in my experience, the longer you live, the more troubles you have to face and deal with. One of my very first experiences that has impacted my life and still does was my parents divorce. Now a days getting divorced is quite common and many children experience it, but everyone doesn’t experience it the same way. It was September 1, 2010 when the divorced was finalized. This was a very hard thing I had to cope with as well as my brother. It was quite scary actually. I was so used to my parents together and them being apart was a drastic change to my life. Things started to get rocky in their relationship and I…show more content…
The fights began to escalate and they began to scream, yell, cry, and storm out of the house right in front of my brother and I. I began to take care of my brother a lot more and just checked on him and even stayed in his room and played games with him or I would even comfort him. There was one particular incident I remember. One night after school my parents began to fight and it gradually got louder and louder and I became very uncomfortable with them screaming, so I went into my brothers room to check on him. As I walked in I saw him laying on the ground balling his eyes out and wanting my parents to stop fighting. That was a real moment and a heartbreaking one also. I didn’t really know what to do, but I know I was definitely mad at my parents for making us hear them cuss and scream at one another. I ended up going downstairs. I remember yelling at them saying, “ Bubby is upstairs crying because you guys won’t stop screaming at each other!! Why don’t you guys just leave or go somewhere?!?!”. This made my mom extremely upset, but it did make them stop and go upstairs and check on him and comfort him as well. That was only one incident I experienced, but there’s many
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