Personal Narrative-My First Roller Coaster Ride

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First Roller Coaster Ride The first time I rode a roller coaster I was 10 years old; it was the first time I had ever seen one I had felt petrified, my sister wanted me to ride that? She constantly taunted and teased me that I was too short to ride it bestowing the title of “best ride here and you can’t ride it” award, but this year I was finally tall enough. I remember seeing people from all walks of life different hair color, skin color, heights and ages all in line to ride this metal monster higher than anything I’d seen before. The heat was unbearable as it is every summer in Houston, and as we got closer to the coaster I could hear the screams and see the drop. My hands clenched the wood rails I had been holding on for dear life as to not get separated from my sister who was…show more content…
As we neared the top I soon realized my death was imminent, this was it, my last sight would be a birds eye view of the park, the last sounds I would ever hear was my vocal cords being shredded as the air left my lungs, the last thing I would feel is the warm steel grip under my hands as they held on for dear life, at least the last thing I would smell is fresh air. After at least an hour of waiting it was our turn, I grabbed the safety bar and pushed it down as far as I could hoping that it would be the one thing that would save my life bit it effectively crushed my sisters legs In the process. “All clear” the young lady said as she pressed the button releasing the coaster unto the tracks, Slowly but surely we started climbing the large ramp slower and slower crept my demise, but the view was beautiful I could see the whole park from here every man woman and child all carrying on with their lives I could hear the children scream I could smell all of the food being cooked. But as I was caught up with the tantalizing view I didn’t realize how close the drop was and as we fell the only sounds I could make were screams deafening screams as I thought this would be
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