Personal Narrative: My First Year Of Transformation

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When I was 4 or 5 my faith was just about going to church and coloring in those worksheets and rising to get done so I could play games for Sunday school and eating food after service and it was just an every week thing. But as I grew up and started to realize the reason why I keep going every week to know what it's about and learning new things every time I go. I started to grasp we are going to learn new things and about the past, and the way things clicked such as Easter, Christmas,Good Friday, and other bible stories and why Jesus died just for us to live long happy lives. We learned about Luther, my first year of Conformation and what was all happening with him and reason he went to Rome and felt the way he did. We observed and learned about how he saw things in a different way in a different way and saw things in a new way. When he went and showed his faith and everyone disagreed, he…show more content…
We had read stories every week and then writing the images and feelings we felt as Pastor Mike read them. We had talked about Luther and his past and how he didn't stop believing in what he knew was true cause of outside voices. Conformation has built me up socially meeting and talking to new people who I didn't talk to before, mentally form my own opinions and emotions based on how I feel nobody else, and physically knowing God will always be there to pull me up when I feel down. We all had fun and sometimes some weird talks and awkward questions such as why would someone bathe naked on a roof? We had fun chatting about small things not even relating to church to like how were sports going, or just more personally stuff that made you feel more comfortable around everyone on the roof. We made inside jokes and laughed a lot and that's another thing that made me happy to go was being able to see, talk, and laugh with my
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