Personal Narrative: My Ideal Marriage

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Introduction My marriage will be a monogamous one in which I am married to a woman who is very close to me in age, plus or minus one year. I would like to be married at age 30, and promptly have children. I want to be in this kind of marriage because I like the idea of giving myself to someone, and them to me. The world is a very big, harsh, and lonely place. I’m not a pessimist; I’m a realist, with a touch of optimism. I want to be able to walk through life, and experience many of the great things life has to offer with another person. I want someone to want to be around me, and care for me no matter what. I would like to also feel the same way about someone, and I feel as though I have so much love to give. When I think about pleasing a woman, I don’t think about pleasing her sexually. I think about making her smile, and laugh. I think about being with her and helping her through hardships in her own life. I want to be the person who makes any pain go away, and bring out nothing but joy in my partner. In a relationship good times are sure to be smooth sailing, but it’s how you stick together through the bad times that really test a relationship and the bond between two people. I believe life is about finding yourself, and finding someone else to go through life with you is just a bonus. Not only that, but you can help each other find what truly makes you happy, and the reason for your own existence. Division of Household Labor I would like a division of labor in my
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