Personal Narrative: My Identity As A Military Child

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Growing up as the son of a career Naval Officer, I have experienced a background that varies greatly from that of an applicant who has grown up in a strictly civilian family. The constant relocation, the exciting places I have lived, and the countless great, unique people I have met, have all contributed that that he unique childhood I have enjoyed. While at times my identity as a military child has made life challenging and difficult, I strongly believe that it has made me a stronger, more adaptable person because I have been molded by past experiences and I don't think that my application would be complete without this information.

One of the most obvious differences between a military child and their civilian peer, is the seemingly continuous moving that is associated with their gaurdian’s occupation. Whether it is moving across the state or moving across an ocean, each move brings it's own challenges and it's own advemtures.
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The need to be able to adapt is necessary for every military child since conditions will not always be perfect. Sometimes orders are cut short and a family may have to move before they expected. Two of the most influential years in shaping my background were the two years I spent living in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where adaptability was of the utmost importance. For example, since everything was shipped to the base on on a barge and sometimes the barge was delayed, the local store would often be out of many products. If one needed something that was out of stock, he or she was simply out of luck and had to make due with what there was. Furthermore, the small student population made for small class sizes sizes and limited resources but despite this we attended school everyday and made the most of what we had. Despite of all these challenges, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and was adaptable in order to adjust to all the changes from the United
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