Personal Narrative : My Late Life Aging

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Arielle Massiah
SW 8460 (SW 4260/GERO 7260)
Short Assignment: My Late Life Aging

1. Try and put yourself in the situation of truly having to deal with the situation that you selected.
Describe the impact on you physically, emotionally, socially, and financially (as much as you can imagine the impact).
What was your personal experience when you first read this condition?
If I were an older adult being forced to watch my family and friends die before me, I do not think I could survive the aftermath. I believe that the event would affect me more mentally, emotionally and socially, then it would physically. However, I do not doubt the ability of my physical health to be affected by event. I believe that the grief I would experience would cause me to fall into a state of mental, emotional, and social incapacitation and would result in me falling into depression, a psychiatric break, or early onset Alzheimer’s as a coping mechanism. I believe my physical health would be affected more by my newfound careless attitude towards my health more than anything else. After losing my loved one, I don’t think I will care about losing myself. The way I would imagine the situation taking an emotional toll on me is best described in De Vries’s Grief: Intimacy’s Reflection. In the text, De Vries (2001) notes that a grieving or bereaving individual’s responses to the death of a loved one would derive from them attempting to cope with and make sense of the loss and would result in…

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