My Life At 75. Introduction. At Seventy-Five Years Old

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My Life at 75
At seventy-five years old I imagine my life to be vibrant and multidimensional. I looked at the realities of my relatives at this age including my grandparents and parents to give me a better idea of what my life might look like. The people who were alive at this age were healthy some still road horses or climbed mountains, and my father still bikes long distances at 73. So I see myself as very active, both in the outdoors, as well as the community. I see my life I think I will continue traveling often and volunteering. At this moment I am unsure where I will be living, possibly overseas. I know I will be in close contact with friends and family. I am choosing to see my life as healthy as the family members …show more content…

My current lifestyle could use an increase in low impact exercise and healthy eating. While I try to do both, I know that as time goes on it becomes more important to do this regularly as it affects my health. Family history is dichotomous some family members have thrived in older adulthood while others did not make it into their 70s, and by simply looking at their lifestyle choices it would have been hard to guess who would live the longest. Those who thrived at this time of life had very active and meaningful lives. The family members who died younger made healthy lifestyle choices, but got cancer or some other life-threatening disease at a younger age, and were healthy until the disease came on suddenly. So, I am hoping I fall into the category of the people who are active into older age. I hope to continue swimming on a regular basis, and possibly play tennis. If I am alive at 75 based on family history I will have no major health issues but will have the normal effects of aging. I may also have high blood pressure or increased risk of pneumonia as this was common in some family members. This is partially due to the fact that the artery walls stiffen over time, and my lungs are more susceptible to illness due to a weakened immune system.
Cognitive Status
My cognitive status will be mostly fully functional. I will have a slower memory, and will have to take the time to keep a schedule of some kind, and may need a reminder to

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