Personal Narrative: My Puzzle My Story

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My Puzzle My Story

( Before I decide to dive in on my blog post sharing my experiences with animals or anything else. There is a very important post I need to put out. This post covers probably the biggest aspect of my life, Autism ).

Autism to many may feel like a great curse, but for me its one of my biggest blessings. I was only 7 when I was diagnosed but I do remember that this diagnosis has done so much for me. As soon as I was diagnosed I knew I wanted to use my story to spread awareness to people who may not understand, and even further I wanted to help those with not just Autism, but any type of special needs even if I was just seven at the time.

Even though I may act and look like I don’t have this disability, in reality I do. While
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I was no different. My diagnosis made me the “weird” kid in my classes. I was the one who had to have special accommodations in class like special pencils, special tools to help me function, and leave the class multiple times a week for speech, occupational, and physical therapy lessons which the school provided. I was bullied non-stop and it got down to the point that kids didn’t want to sit even in the same chair I sat in. I would eat lunch alone, walk around outside alone, I was always the last one picked for partners in anything, and was bullied non-stop up until about 5th grade when I finally started to outgrow the accommodations, and I took a stand for Autism making it part of my passion. In middle school to my junior year in high school I helped coach and compete with two special needs cheerleading teams. Those were some of the best memories I have of getting to interact and help other people with special needs much like myself. People with special needs are no different from any of you and are some of the most amazing people I have met in my life! I used my diagnosis and my story as my pageant platform and would go to pageants and share my story with others and to help spread awareness. In high school I didn’t struggle as much because I had an amazing teacher ( role model, and mentor ) who helped me get into student council, where I thrived, held multiple officer positions, and fell in love with community service and helping the school! ( Thank You Mrs.A!
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