Personal Narrative: My Reading Goals

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My reading goal that I set for myself this quarter was to read fifteen minutes a day. This goal has challenged me, because it is really hard for me to have time in the day to read. Especially when I only have one study hall every other day at school, and I work three times during the week till ten at night. Even if it was a hard goal to achieve I successfully accomplished it. I have read a couple books within the weeks of this quarter. I have read my Sociology book and Spare Parts By: Joshua Davis. The only book I have read each and every day is my Sociology book. Although, I don’t have evidence of reading fifteen minutes a day, my test grades can prove I have been reading the book. I have had three tests within my Sociology class I received an A on my first test, a B on my second test, and an A on my last recent test I took. Although I read many pages in my sociology book, I am currently reading another book as well. The second book I have been currently reading is Spare Parts By: Joshua Davis. I have recently started reading this book, so I am only on …show more content…

One element I have discovered about myself as a reader is that I become impatient when I read too many pages at once. When I read too many pages my mind tends to wander and not focus on the book anymore. The last thing I have learned about myself as a reader is the use of time management. Time management is quite important, especially for my goal of reading fifteen minutes a day. I believe for my future goal next quarter is to read three chapters of a nonfiction book per night. Reading three chapters of a book would challenge all my weaknesses within reading, and it would be a good way to challenge my college readiness skills. As you can see reading fifteen minutes a day in this quarter has strengthened my reading skills as an individual. I hope in the future to accomplish many more reading goals as

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