Personal Narrative: My Trip To Portage Lake Bible Camp

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Emma Chester, my camp counselor, is a hero. I was going to Portage Lake Bible Camp for the first time with my new church. I’d heard about this camp. It sounded fun. What could go wrong? Lots of things. I grabbed my bags, hugged my parents goodbye, and left. About four hours later, we arrived. I was told my cabin and counselor after entering. I had Cabin 6AB, and Emma, a bright, smiling young woman. I found my group, and they told me about her. She appeared while we made our beds, smiling brightly, and they ran to give her a hug. We had a lot of time to decompress, and later we sang around the fire pit. Our group became a family. Over the next few days, I loved Emma. Whether she was chasing us around in an intense game of Gorilla Warfare, trying …show more content…

My friends asked what was wrong, and I told them everything. We just cried together more, and then Emma was ready to talk with us alone. She noticed my tears, but didn’t freak out, just asked what was on my mind. I confessed everything, and she gently nodded. We talked about some of that, but really just focused on now, and how all the stuff I described made me much stronger. The rest of the week was amazing. We discussed it after that, but we mostly just made more of the greatest memories of my life. On the last day, we received our certificates, which had candy-inspired titles. Mine was Almond Joy, because we could be doing absolutely nothing and I was just happy to be there. I was so touched that I nearly got teary again. Our parents came back. They saw our pictures in Chapel. They marveled at the picture of me balancing on a wobbly crate-stack, laughed at my Braveheart team smeared in paint, and had a nice conversation with Emma. They didn’t learn how important she was to me until later. Emma isn’t the type of hero that loudly saves the day, but slowly and gently listens, and makes sense of a problem. I would not be where I am today, if not for

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