Personal Narrative: My Visit To Arkansas

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Arkansas is not very far from my hometown so it might seem odd that it’s my favorite place to visit, but passing that blue “Welcome to Arkansas” sign feels like I’m a thousand miles away from “home.” The smell of fresh air and spring water blowing in as I wave my hand out of my car window. The beautiful cliff sides and emerald green tree tops welcoming me to their lovely home. No matter how many times I visit it feels like the first time. There are endless adventures to take and beautiful hidden sites to see. One of my very favorite spots in Arkansas is Blowing Springs. It is located in a secluded area in the small, rapidly growing, town of Bella Vista. There you will find several, almost secret, trails stretching for miles. Flowing through …show more content…

As you pull up to the museum for the first time you are in complete awe of the unusual but stunning architecture. The museum’s walls are made of sturdy gray concrete combined with rough cedar, curved to mimic the hillside, while the roof tops are a deep brown copper. The entire museum is surrounded by serene Ozark forest, flower gardens, and walking trails while the inside houses beautiful and inspirational artwork. While the artwork inside is extraordinary nothing compares to the beauty of the nature outside. There are several different trails within Crystal Bridges’ grounds but a few of my personal favorites are the crystal spring trail, the rock ledge trail, and the tulip tree trail. The crystal spring trail is located at the heart of Crystal Bridges’ grounds. It bubbles up and flows from the Ozark limestone. People gather to sit around the small waterfall but no one speaks. Everyone is in complete silence listening to the calming splash, sitting close enough to feel the aftermath on their skin. The rock ledge trail is carved into the hills overlooking much of the grounds giving you a spectacular view. Directly below are large colonies of dark maroon berries and pure white wild hydrangeas. Looking further out you can see several sculptures housed on the museums bright green north lawn. My last and most favorite trail is the tulip tree trail. This trail holds some of the largest trees on the Crystal Bridges’ grounds. Here you can take a rest at the pine wood Tulip Tree Shelter, that is a masterpiece in itself, and soak up all of nature’s

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