Personal Narrative: My Year Of Middle And High School

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Ever felt that your best wasn’t good enough? That's exactly what I felt during my years in middle and high school. Growing up enjoying animated shows and doodling in my notebook, I had a breakthrough. Though it came to me in my first year of middle school, or at least as far back as I can remember, I wanted to grow up as an artist. As the years went by I narrowed my dream-job to be an animator, then finally to what I’m studying now (graphic design). As I grew and learned, I eventually succumbed to self pity and doubt. That went on till my last year in high school where I learned better. These days, I’m bettering myself by doing more and practicing more often with my art. I also grasped the idea of not letting the negative thoughts stop me from…show more content…
My dream-job then came to me, or at least currently a more simplified version of it. I wanted to be an animator, story boarder, or anything related to creating cartoons. Growing up, I didn’t care about the future too much as the result of me knowing that if I did something I loved, I would be happy. From then on I started drawing at any spare time I had. For example, during class instead of taking notes. As well as during my free period, while I drew and read tutorial books. To begin with, I started with drawing robots for the reason that every kid thought robots were the coolest thing ever (including myself). Picking up self teaching books ,mostly “How to draw Manga / Anime,” I began learning. Soon I began improving in a general sense, becoming more pleased with my work. I started producing more detailed pictures of people and animals. Though hands, feet, and proportion still bother me to this day. I was very proud with how I was creating my own characters and universe, drawing how I wanted them to look. I remember drawing one such character. They were suppose to be some sort of red-headed action hero of sorts. The sad part is that it was the last sketch I was proud of until I started up
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