Personal Narrative: Nancy Long Is The Worst Person In My Life

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Nancy Long is the worst person I’ve ever met! My grandma’s last name has changed so much (not because of marriage) I don’t know what to call her. Nancy Long, Littlejohn, Dick, or Frye all has been her names for periods in her life. Well, you're probably wondering why she is the worst person in my life, After All she is my grandma. There is a long series of events that will lead up to one big event that has forever changed my life. Nancy’s mom died from Hydrocephalus when she was the age of three years old. Hydrocephalus is when there is fluid on the brain from birth. This left Nancy with her alcoholic father named Larry Long. Larry got remarried to Denise Long when Nancy was around the age of six or seven years old. Denise was very abusive(allegedly)
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