Personal Narrative: Nick Weaver

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I am Nick Weaver, the people who know me would verbalize, I am an abundance of different things. I am not just your typical guy; for example, some days I can be diligent and not focused on anything. Some-days I might have to make life decisions about something describing me are not something that is facile to do. I have had my fair portion of events in life and all the events have affected who I am today, however if you put these three descriptive words together; nice, intelligent and charismatic an image came to mind, it would be of me Nick Weaver because all those words characterize me!

There are an abundance of different words in the world that can be acclimated to describe different things and most importantly, different people. I use the word nice because I am a very nice person; for example, I Volunteer to work in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. I do this not because it makes me feel good inside but back …show more content…

I verbalize myself as being charismatic because I can always draw people to agree with my conceptions or bring them over to my side. I know my few portions of people who are not charismatic and they wish they were it’s not just about being the center of attention you have to be able to appeal and persuade people to concur with you; for example back in Middle school when I was running for student body president, I had to utilize many different skills and tactics to endeavor and get people to agree with the things, I was endeavoring to do. I understood that getting people to vote for me wasn’t going to be hard, but the problem was endeavoring to persuade others who had totally different views than me to concur on what I was endeavoring to do for the school as the student body president. Having charisma is authentically just having confidence in yourself and making yourself appealing; however not an abundance of people have charisma either you have it or you

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