Personal Narrative: Non Ventilated Patients

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How's your new position and weekend going? I would like to express my unhappiness on yesterday 27/6 with Brigitta who was TL. We have 4 Ventilated and 6 non ventilated patients. In the morning, Brigitta asked me to relief Steven, Kulsum and Juicy - all ventilated pts for tea break. I do have 2 discharge patients with 1 required an iron infusion prior transfer. At 11:20 , they all were back and I needed to rush to commence my iron infusion for bed 4. When I assisted my patient from chair to bed with curtain closed, Brigitta came in to the room and asked me to help Kulsum to shower ICU 3 with trachy and ventilator. As I settled Mr Naylon bed 4 then I rushed to help Kulsum and settled the patient in bed 3. Then Brigitta asked me to transfer bed
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