Personal Narrative On The Kubota

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The night went on as more and more people showed up. Everyone was having a great time listening to music, hanging around the fire, and shooting off fireworks. Every now and then people would want to ride around on the Kubota but it only had three seats so we would load people on it. Three in the seats, two-four people in the bed, one person holding onto each side, and my favorite spot, the hood (yeah it was stupid but fun). Finally, it was about 9 P.M. and the last group of people had shown up so Chuck, Dylan, and I rode up to the barn to pick them up. When we got there, we realized they had brought one extra person with them so there was three of them instead of two. Chuck was driving and Dylan rode shotgun while one of our friends took the …show more content…

I remember looking up at the stars and I couldn’t move at first from the shock of what had just happened, I finally shook myself out of it when I heard everyone shouting asking if I was okay. I sat up, looked around, then looked at them and my exact words were, “Since I’m not seriously injured, THAT WAS CRAZY AWESOME!”. We all load back up and Dylan makes me ride shotgun and he holds on to the side and I’m sure Chuck was a little terrified to drive the Kubota after that because he took it slow after that incident. Once we got back to the pond we pulled out a flashlight to check over my body for any cuts or anything, we didn’t find anything too terrible besides a few decent scrapes and some gnarly road rash on my back where I landed. Of course, everyone was like “WOAH what happened!” so we told the story to everyone. After that, the night went on as planned, we lit the sky up with hues of red, white, and blue mainly with just about every other color thrown in somewhere in the

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