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One bright sunny morning was a just a regular school day. Same people, same classes but, little did I know that day I would meet someone who is a bad influence or even a distraction to me. At the beginning of the school year, I was only in 1 AC class which was Language Arts. There was a girl named Loagan who I had seen in one of my classes. In my Language Arts class, she sent at the table across from me. About 3 weeks into the school year I had gotten my classes switched to 3 AC classes which were language arts, science, and social studies. Back to the point, When I moved to my new science class she sat across from me that was Loagan and I began to start talking.
As days went by Loagan and I began to start to talk to each other a lot. Little did I know all she knew how to do was gossip all the time. For all, I know I believe her talent was just to talk trash about people. My best friend Nila who I have known since 3rd grade thought I was talking about her and I thought Nila was talking about me. But little did I know Loagan was doing he said she said stuff in 6th grade thinking we were mature enough to deal with that non-sense. Loagan then told me Nila was talking about my parents and siblings, which had me annoyed. I went to Nila and asked her, “were you talking about my siblings?” Nila said, “no.” Which had me confused because I believed everything Loagan was saying and then Nila tell me she wasn’t. Thinking I had trusted Nila for over 4 years, but I didn’t believe a word

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