Personal Narrative: Personal Experiences

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You have been sick for days and looked like crap. You was sitting on my couch watching some random show when your phone buzzed. It was a text from (c/n) saying, hey how ya feeling and can I come over got you some things to make you feel better. Knowing that he was thinking about me made me bubble inside,you had the biggest crush on him for years and didn’t know how he felt but you texted back saying, Sure come over. You were still on the couch when you hear a knock on the door, and he was saying,”(y/n) it’s me”. You said, “Come in it’s open”,right as he came in he said “Hey how are you feeling?”. You replied groaning,”feeling like I was ran over with a truck.” He chuckled at your response and you laughed back. “Well, I have something for you and hopefully it …show more content…

You tasted the soup and tea and realized it is your favorite.”How did you know (y/f/s) is my favorite,” you laughed. (c/n) said,” It was what I thought you would like,”he chuckled right after. Then when finishing your soup and talking how much you're sick. (c/n) put the movie in and sat right next to me. During the movie you didn’t realize he was scooting over to me until your head was laying onto his chest,but you just let it be and continued with the movie. He made you feel warm inside and it felt like home. But during the movie he interrupted and said,”(y/n) I have to say this and I have been holding it inside for a while now. I like you a lot and I think you are the most beautiful, smart, funny, and perfect girl I have ever met.” You were in awe when he said this you said,” you should’ve told me cuz I have the same feelings as you.” You had your head down when he was saying this because you felt your cheeks turning red. He ended up taking his hand and pulling my chin up and said,” Well since we have mutual feelings (y/n),will you be my girlfriend?” With your response you said,”of course”. He kissed you, it was short but it felt so nice to be able to say that (c/n) was your boyfriend and that he’s

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