Personal Narrative: Personal Experiences Of Young Black Males

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I am thankful to say that I hopefully will have the opportunity to birth and rear you into a mature young man who will then flourish into a powerful, strong willed, black male. Your mother and I will chaperone you through your days of being an adolescent. Even so, the time will come when you will be forced to learn to accept yourself as a guide and move forward from that point into making your own decisions. Then from this point on, you will be in the pursuit of harnessing your manhood into what you find to believe it is meant to be. Challenges will seem to become your reality and they will have to be accepted, battled, and mastered. The harsh realities of being born a black male within this realm can be said to extend through time and space but never end. These realities should be accepted as friends and foes as they are also beneficial lessons. As you proceed …show more content…

The battles to be faced could range from relationships to even understanding yourself as a human being. How could you possibly prepare for the war to come? This actually a centurial question. My answer is to simply not lie to yourself. This is your first step in finding the path in which you are to proceed upon. With all other options, I have only observed the defeated from an unbearable reality sneaking around and stabbing you in the back. You cannot run from, hide, or dodge what is presently evident to become a past. Although, you can recreate a new reality, with the improvements in which you bring from the past, on forth into the present as a future. This is the insight of what I gather to be what it takes for you to navigate currently during my era. The last thing to be said in order to escort you through your process of coming of age is that the next set of steps to be evaluated will now be for you to reveal to yourself. In order to become a man, you must locate yourself and fathom what it means for you to uphold the title of a

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