Personal Narrative: Politics Of Location Statement Revision

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Manuel Amado
Professor Heidi M. Berggren
WGS 101-05
Politics of Location Statement Revision
Entering my last fall semester at Umass Dartmouth, with hopes and dreams to finish strong and graduating college. Starting the semester losing my last living Grandfather, from my mother’s side, was a hard way to begin. It is hard on all my family, but harder for me because I haven’t seen him for eight years. Never got that chance to say goodbye. Most of my mother side of the family lives half way across the world, in the Cape Verde Islands in the West Coast of Africa. I can’t believe it, when I got phone call from my sister living in Portugal, saying “Manny grandpa just passed away in Cape Verde.” How can it be when he was just recovering from a sickness
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Swiveling the knife around in a playful manner, she gave me a deep cut in my wrist. The reason why I remembered this was because, I ran to my grandfather and he took a look at the cut and poured sugar in in my wounds. He knew what to do in moments of crisis, he provided for his family and protected us. I have the fondest memories because of the childhood I had growing up in my grandfather’s countryside house. Throughout our lifetime we go a series of learning experience, that changes your perspective of things around you. I went from the excitement of commencing my last fall semester of college, to feeling discouragement and sadness for losing a role model, a protector, an unconditional Love, and a generous person in our…show more content…
And I have a different perspective on certain issues now. My class background influenced my identity because I worked very hard to achieve everything I am today. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but my parents made sure I always had food, clothes and roof over my head. My parents taught me if I really want something I had to work for it, because nothing is giving. I am what I am today because of hard work, and self-determination. I didn’t let “class status” turn me into something a society classifies what should be my way of life because of my income. From taking Woman and gender studies it opened my eyes about how a woman since child birth, an image of them is created by society, what she should be wearing, what to play with, and what body type she should have. As Adrienne say when she was born a white, female, and how she was defined as white before she was defined as a female, because of segregation at the time (pg. 67). The politics location as she puts it your race and gender would be “the first obvious, lifelong facts” (pg. 67). The gender behavior is something a child inherits; it is forced upon them. From reading “The Story of X” by Lois Gould book that made me analyze the gender roles we play in society simply because we were brought up to believe that we are either a boy or a girl, and that those are the roles we must play. And we as society are
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