Personal Narrative: Port Aransas Beach

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If it wasn’t for the small particles of sand in between the lens of my Canon Rebel SL1 and the vivid memory of the way the ocean kissed my feet as it crawled up the hot sand, I would have had to leave behind the Texas coast for my small dorm room located in America’s heartland entirely. I didn’t though, and I find that to be one of the most beautiful things about the human experience. That we are nearly boundless when it comes to how far we can travel and what we can bring back from those places. If you asked me to open up my suitcase of memories and stories and pick out my favorite one, I’d hold out to you the time I camped overnight on the Port Aransas Beach. I remember it clearly. As it was a favorite past time for my family, I looked forward to it every …show more content…

On one of the hottest days of July, we stuffed both of my parents’ cars as much as we possibly could with sleeping bags, a tent, a portable grill and food that was fun to eat near the campfire. My dad and little brother took one car, and my mother and I followed behind in the other, blaring music like best friends do. I always bring Hershey, my chocolate Labrador along with me, and it’s a sight to see her silly, drooling face flapping in the wind from the open car window behind me. Now if you’re driving along the coast, any drive is a scenic drive no matter where you’re going. The sky is always a lively shade of blue, clear of clouds in all directions. The air is unforgivingly hot, but you can always count on the wind being there when you live this close to the ocean. The drive to the ferry is a good fifteen minutes on a good day, and on average it can take another twenty minutes in line to wait for your turn to load your car on to the ferry. Yes, the only way to get to this beach is by crossing the bay to get on the narrow strip of land that we like to call the island. When it’s finally our

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