Key West-Personal Narrative

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It was a peaceful and normal first hour. Well, at least for the people in it. Everyone was yelling, and the teacher had just given up on trying to stop them, and now was just browsing for a retirement home in Key West. I looked up at Jordan, who was my best and only friend. Her spiked blond hair was never put down, even in the toughest rain. Her tan legs sat on top of her desk, and her pine green eyes scanned the school newspaper.
“Oh, she mumbled, her legs twitching slightly.
“What is it?” I craned my neck over her shoulder to see the paper. Either I was short or she was tall, but you never know. The paper said, smack dab in the center with huge text, “Is Jordan, our popular basketball player, about to become the opposite by Rose?”
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As more time went on, I felt more sad about no friends, and less hopeful of having another friend. Although I tried to help Jordan’s grades raise, her grades fell like a skydiving anvil with no parachute. Even when I tried to help her, she ignored me completely, and I was crowded by people once more.
May finally came, which was a great relief. I was painting in my room of a waterfall, but it had been hard for me to concentrate since Jordan left me, so my strokes were choppy and made my painting look really bad. I heard a small meow from the area where my bed was. I looked over, and saw my tiny tan kitten that I had gotten for my birthday a few days ago, licking her paws. She looked up at me with the same colored eyes as Jordan.
I smiled, and out of habit of being happy, my strokes became lighter, and my choppy areas looked more realistic, because Jordan was who made me happy. I faced the painting towards the kitten, who moved further up my bed to the pillows.
“Rose, come up for dinner!” I heard my mom shout from upstairs in the dining hall. I headed up stairs, but I thought that I saw my kitten on the …show more content…

“Why are you here,” I peeked around her quickly, frightened, “and where are all of your friends?”
“They’re all down at basketball, and I wanted to apologize for this year.”
She continued quickly before I could reply. “I saw your waterfall painting yesterday afternoon.”
“How-” I started, becoming more confused by the second.
“I saw it through your window,” she interrupted, not even stopping for a second. “But anyways, just, I shouldn’t abandon true friendship for popularity, but if you still hate me that’s-” I just hugged her, and she hugged me back with surprise. The next week, Jordan was back to all A’s, and focused on friendship and basketball. All of her fans apologized to both of us, even if they supported the newspaper or didn’t. Jay even apologized to both of us reluctantly, but probably because Jordan told him to. I could hang out with Jordan whenever I wanted to. The next day, even the school announced the ending of their paper due to the easiest way to spread rumors. At the last day of school, we were ready for a new year, and everyone in our grade lived their own little happily ever after of middle

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